Tuesday, November 29, 2011


“Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. ”   - Coco Chanel

     I am going through alot of learning how to accept the things I can not change. It is not easy but it alleviates so much stress from my heart. People will be who they are, and I am not able to change them. I can either accept them or eliminate them and their foolishness from my life.
     Many times, I find myself asking why. Why is this person so rude? Why did this person make a specific decision without thinking about the consequences? I am slowly learning that the "why" doesn't matter. It is draining trying to figure out why people choose to do the things they do. Instead, I am learning to let go and let God. Only HE knows the reason to they why, and only HE can fix it.
     You can not change a zebra's stripes. So learn to quit trying.

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Like a dungeon dragon....

Super Sunday...Living a lifestyle of encouragement

Encouragement is to inspire with courage, spirits or confidence. When things go wrong in our life we should remember that if God is for us, then who can be against us?

The following is a list of ways from Pastor Marla Rowe to be your own cheerleader and live a lifestyle of encouragement:
     1. Have God confidence in who you are. Trust and believe what HE speaks about you, not what others think. Most agony comes from confidence in misplaced things (like people and things). However, if you put your trust in God, HE will never leave you nor forsake you. Keep in mind HE is the reason for your strength, stability and success.
     2. Replay victories He has brought you through. Let your past be a catalyst for praise. Turn worry to worship and put on a garment of praise. Remove people that worry from your life.
     3. See every setback as a set up for a comeback.
     4. Change the channel if all you see is negativity. You are in control of the remote of your life. Turn the channel of defeat and desperation. Switch to the victory channel. It is your time. Block negative channels and delete them from memory.
     5. When discouragement comes, have a list of pre-determined solutions to fall on immediately. Have a plan. Have a worship song ready. Have a scripture available.
    6. Make a jolt of joy. Don't let people stop you from walking in God's grace. Live your life to the fullest and be your own cheerleader.

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Judge not....

     Originally I had decided not to blog about celebrities and their drama. However, there are certain celebs that I am drawn to, whether it be for their impeccable sense of style, or their positive demeanor.
     In this case, it is Kim Kardashian. As of yesterday, after 72 days of marriage she decided to call it quits with hubby Kris Humphries. Upon the announcement,thousands of "fans" took to the internet to call the marriage fake, and used the opportunity to bash Kim and her decision.
     First, how is it that people can call themselves fans and bash her all in the same breath? Real or fake, her decision to end her marriage was just that. HER decision. Who are we to judge someone that had the courage to do something that many of us don't, and that is, to walk away. Many of us will stay at the job, or in the relationship or situatioin that does us more harm than good simply because we are afraid of what other people will think if we walk away (myself included).
     We would rather live a life of misery than to be judged by our peers.
     Kim realized in 72 days what many of us won't figure out in a lifetime: you are directly responsible for your own happiness. Find it or lose it.
   And before anyone starts pointing fingers at her or anyone else for the decisions that they make, they should make sure that there hands are clean.