Saturday, December 31, 2011

Doing me.....

     Every year, the world enters a new season. And every year, when the season changes, people feel the need to change with it. My question is why wait?
     Why wait for a New Year's celebration to make a commitment to have more, do more, and be more? Why wait for that one time per year to start exercising, to start eating right, to start loving harder, to start working smarter? Why wait for the first day of the year to give more, to learn more, to earn more? You have 364 other days to bless not only your life, but the life of those around you. Why wait? Start the celebration NOW! If you mess up...start again! Be in a constant celebration for the positive changes in your life!
     I started on my mission months ago, and I wouldn't trade anything for my journey in this life thus far. This year I resolve to continue to do me....only better.
     I wish you all a safe, blessed, and prosperous new year!

SN: SDS I love you babe :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


               If you didn't get that "thing" that you have been wanting, wishing for and praying for, its okay. Good things come to those who wait. It is not your  my time to have those things. The fact that they elude you just means that they really aren't for you . Give thanks. There is something better out there for you.
     There are people in life that feel as if a half truth is not a whole lie. Newsflash....IT IS! Learn to see them and the lies they tell for what they are worth....aboslutely nothing. Your time, your  love and your energy however, are priceless... and the fact someone felt as if they could lie to you, means they no longer deserve them. Give thanks. There is someone better out there for you.
     You may lose your job, your home, your spouse, and even your mind, but be grateful for it all. You are a BORN WINNER!
     I can't speak for anyone else, but even when I lose I win!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's a small world after all......

Lately, everywhere I go, someone seems to think that they know me, or have met me somewhere before... and the evil side of me wants to say that they have only seen me in their dreams. However, I smile politley when they ask do I know such and such, or have I been to such and such. The answer is always no, and they walk away determined to figure out why I look so familiar.
     Recently, someone came in ranting and raving about the terrible day that they had at work. She even went into vivid details, not caring about who was listening. She even went so far as to threaten killing the other person. What she didn't know however, was that there was someone in the room that could ruin her career from the words she spoke.
     Furthermore, it amazes me the lengths that some will go to to hide messages, posts, etc...from others when using social media (i.e. facebook, twitter..). If there is nothing to hide, then why are you hiding? I understand that everything is not FOR everybody, but the things done in the dark ALWAYS come to the light.
     Say what you mean and mean what you say! A person is only as good as their word. Why waste energy on words that have no true meaning. Why waste energy on words or actions that generate negative energy?
     You never know who is listening. And if there are six degrees of separation, you never know who may know someone that you know. The things you do, come back to you.
     It's a small world after all....

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beast Mode til they take me...

     Face your fears and they disappear.
     I am currently taking a class designed to empower not only the rest of my year, but the rest of my life. It is the Ignite Your G-Spot Gratitude Challenge with Shanel Cooper-Sykes. Yes the G is for gratitude. Anywho, one of the things that the class is teaching me, is that the things I resist persist. The things that I am afraid of will continue to haunt me if I don't address them. If I keep running FROM love instead of running TO it at top speed, it will continue to alude me. If I never start my business, I will never start my business. If I never ask a question, I will never get an answer.
     I will start using my voice, even if it shakes, to voice my thoughts.
     With that being said, I am blessed, I am loved, and I always win!
     I am great and I expect nothing but greatness in all areas of life!
     Game on!