Wednesday, December 28, 2011


               If you didn't get that "thing" that you have been wanting, wishing for and praying for, its okay. Good things come to those who wait. It is not your  my time to have those things. The fact that they elude you just means that they really aren't for you . Give thanks. There is something better out there for you.
     There are people in life that feel as if a half truth is not a whole lie. Newsflash....IT IS! Learn to see them and the lies they tell for what they are worth....aboslutely nothing. Your time, your  love and your energy however, are priceless... and the fact someone felt as if they could lie to you, means they no longer deserve them. Give thanks. There is someone better out there for you.
     You may lose your job, your home, your spouse, and even your mind, but be grateful for it all. You are a BORN WINNER!
     I can't speak for anyone else, but even when I lose I win!

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