Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mediocrity is bread for the average. - Pastor Sarah Connor
     Lately, the actions of someone that I love have been tormeting me. Thus, my life slipped into cruise control. I have barely been eating. I barely put any effort into getting dressed (and those that know me know that once I get up, I dress up and I show up and show off). I barely clean up. I don't blog.
     My smile is still there, but behind it there is an overwhelming sadness. I have been doing the minimum as a measure of prevention. If I don't give my all at work, at home, at church, etc., then I can't get hurt if someone thinks it is not good enough.
     What I learned today is that I was created in HIS image and he is EXCELLENT so EVERYTHING I do should be done in EXCELLENCE even if it is not appreciated. Even if it is never enough. Even if it is not deserved. Even if it is not reciprocated. I was made excellent AND the one for me will acknowledge and appreciate that fact.

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